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Referral Program

Our success doesn't just happen. It is the result of a strong commitment to our relationships with our clients.

We'd like to thank you for taking your time to refer us to someone you know.   We value your business and appreciate your confidence.

Call us today at 248-218-5018guy

Things to listen for: we are moving our office, our out sourced IT department is slow to respond, my internet is slow, my computer is slow, I need to back up my network offsite, I need a new computer, if it involves a computer and or a phone we can help. Call us today at 248-218-5018.
Managed Services Referral Program
  • Get paid big bucks for referrals for every contract we sign. If you are a current customer we will credit your bill 25% of the first months invoice of the referral and we will also pay for the employee who referred the customer to Expetec 25% of the first months invoice.
  • If you are not a customer you will get the entire 50%
By the numbers -
  • $2,000 first month's invoice of customer referred by Pam at Company B
  • $2,000 x 25% = $500 credit to company B's invoice
  • $2,000 x 50% = $500 paid to you if you are not associated with one of our current customers.
Phone System Referrals Program
  • Get paid for referrals for phone system sales.
  • For 10 users or less get $50 for your business and $50 for the employee who refers the closed business.
  • $100 if not from a current customer's business.
  • For 10 users and above get $100 for your business and $100 for the employee who refers the closed business.
  • $200 if not from a current customer
Phone Service Contract referrals
  • 5% of contract for monthly reoccuring up to 6 months of the bill split between the company and employee. If not associated with a current customer get 5%.


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